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Центр внутреннего туризма

Центр внутреннего туризма Volga Story реализует эксклюзивные туристические программы для гостей и жителей Поволжья в рамках концепции "четырех точек притяжения": истории, географии, культуры и движения. К Вашим услугам тщательно проработанные программы и маршруты, продуманный и заботливый сервис мирового уровня, индивидуальный подход и первостепенное внимание к безопасности.    

Наш центр обладает более чем 20-летним опытом организации креативных форм туризма: треккинговые пешеходные туры, велосипедные прогулки и походы, водные сплавы, познавательные, краеведческие туры различной длительности и сложности.



The art space STATION was established in 2009 in a former industrial building of the Factory district of the city of Kostroma. The city is 860 years of history, is located on the picturesque Bank of the Volga river, 330 km to the North-East of Moscow. 2012 Residence at the STATION took place in the summer. In 2017, the project, through the support of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, was expanded to nine months!

The residence at the art ground STATION allows the choreographers/ Directors/artists during the period from one to three weeks to hold a creative lab to work on a play, or a graduation and demonstration of the performance at the end of the residence.


The hotel where you can relax in a comfortable environment with family or friends. Situated in a neat area, and the Windows open to scenic views of the river Volga. There are conditions to swim near the club on the shore there is a convenient pier, and close to safe sandy entry into the water. Equipped place for barbecue and wooden table with benches.


  1. Different rooms for 2 — 10 people.
  2. The VIP rooms.
  3. In the VIP room bathroom in room - shower.


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